“The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.”

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

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This quote seems very fitting for the present circumstances and I wanted to take some time to dig deeper into the meaning behind it and how entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs can all use it to their advantage.

We are going through an unprecedented time right now where the entire world is experiencing a pandemic. 

In some way shape or form each and every one of us is impacted by it, whether it be our own health, business or job, a family member, close friend, or friend of a friend. 

Despite the turmoil, there’s never been a better time than right in this moment to work on improving every facet of ourselves as well as increasing our capacity for appreciating life. 

Focusing on self improvement isn’t as attractive as the desire to start a business. 

The majority of us, myself included, typically come up with an idea and dive head first into taking action, separating ourselves from others who just talk.

We go through the rollercoaster ride of emotions of being an entrepreneur, experiencing a surge of euphoric highs as well as unexpected, unfortunate and unpleasant lows. 

For most of us it takes YEARS of persistence, consistency and resilience to make headway before we ultimately reach milestones that we consciously or unconsciously set for ourselves.

Any entrepreneur would attest to the above wholeheartedly. 

However, before you can achieve in business (as well as in life) you have to master the self, the mind, the mental aspect of the game. 

It’s all mental. 

This starts by focusing on developing self discipline. While it’s possible to accomplish goals and become successful without it, you’ll likely do so in a rather destructive manner that will leave you feeling unfulfilled, which is the ultimate failure.

This is done by taking the time to intentionally create habits that align with characteristics and an overall identity that you aspire to be more like.

A few ideas…

Habits such as stretching, exercising and not sitting for extended periods of time, meditating, journaling, visualizing, practicing positive self talk and what you’re grateful for, sitting alone and disconnecting from digital usage to become more aware of your thoughts, reflecting on your life experiences, how you react in certain situations and naturally uncovering ways to improve upon them in the future. 

Reading, opening your mind to new perspectives and beliefs, being strict on the type of websites you visit and the kind of information that you consume and setting aside time to be fully present with loved ones to further build relationships. 

When you discipline yourself to take action on these habits day in and day out, despite how difficult it may feel some days and regardless of circumstances that may arise, you’ll create an unshakeable sense of confidence and peace within yourself and become the person that you’ve longed to be.

Armed with these convictions you’ll be able to elevate your life to a new level and overcome any adversity that is thrown your way. 

You’ll be able to do so with a sound mind that’s backed by reason and logic versus impulse and emotion. You’ll experience the journey more fully, be present in the moment and experience life with a deeper sense of joy and appreciation than you would have ever imagined previously. 

This is the true meaning of success.

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do.” – Robert Schuller

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

Zero BS on taking Control of your Life. No spam.