One Year Left to Live

You’re at a routine doctor’s visit. The doctor brings you into his office where he sit’s you down and begins to read you the results on your X-ray that you recently had done.

Very bluntly, he tells you that you have some rare form of a disease you’ve never heard of before and cannot even pronounce. You quickly go into a state of shock and total disbelief, no longer listening to what the doctor is rambling on about.

As you go in and out of this unconscious like state, you hear him say “you have roughly one year left to live”.

You leave and walk out of the office building and into your car.

Sitting there, you begin to think of how little time you have left. How many things there are to be done that you simply will not be able to do. A future that you were so sure of that you no longer have.

Besides the turmoil going on within your stomach, you suddenly feel tranquil and complete clarity in your mind. Your brain is providing you with a clearly obvious sense of purpose and direction, and for the first time in your life, during this rare heightened state of total awareness, you choose to go with it.

Let’s pretend that the scenario above really happened to you, TODAY.

Ask yourself this question…

“If I had one year left to live, what would I do?”

So you head home and you take out a piece of paper and a pencil and begin to write out your list of what you absolutely must do before it’s too late.

-Quit my job and tell my boss to suck it
-Tell my family/friends that I love them, maybe even go and give them a hug right now if they live close
-Book a flight (or flights) to a few different places that I’ve always wanted to visit, including a few different excursions, retreats, etc that have been on the top of my bucket list
-Max out my credit cards to pay for the above, maybe even open up a few more bank accounts as well
-Spend some time with people who are going through a similar disease as mine
-Buy or lease my favorite car
-Start a business that I’ve always wanted to, maybe a non profit
-etc, etc.

Now let’s say immediately after you wrote down your list of must do’s, this newfound motivation was bountiful enough to push you to actually commit to all of them. Regardless of how uncomfortable some of them made you feel, and most likely why you never did them to this point in your life, you accepted and even encouraged with open arms this sense of discomfort and “stepping into the unknown”.

Fast forward 12 months later.

You’ve transformed, transcended and have turned into a completely new person.

You took a leap of faith and forced yourself to do things that a year and a day prior you never imagined being capable of doing.

You’ve raised your levels of awareness and have learned to recognize and follow the messages and signals that your body and subconscious have shared with you.

You’ve discovered how many limited beliefs you had about yourself and life in general that were holding you back, and how much easier it was then anticipated to dismantle them and grow new and more powerful and positive beliefs.

You’ve realized the true value of time, how it’s the most precious resource that we have on this planet, and spent each and every waking moment of the past 365 days completely living in the present.

You’ve explored new cultures on the totally opposite side of the world.

You’ve expressed your gratitude and unconditional love for your family and friends.

Even though you quit your job and had barely any savings to your name, you’ve become extremely resourceful and have taken every obstacle standing in your way head on and plowed through them.

You’ve gotten a brief taste of living life on your own terms, and the extraordinary feeling of positive momentum, freedom and empowerment that comes along with it, and you’ve become absolutely addicted to it.

You’ve become a success. You’ve done and experienced something that 99.99% of all human beings NEVER get the chance to or take the chance to do. And that’s to live.

Rewinding back to that day when you were sitting in your car minutes after being delivered literally the worst news of your life, instead of letting death consume you, you made a stern decision to maximize the time you had remaining.

While the bad news is what pushed you over the edge, it was still YOU who put together your bucket list and YOU who committed to achieving them.

Now come back to the present, and imagine that at your most recent doctor’s check up he tells you that you no longer have the disease…it just magically went away.

With the experiences and positive mindset that you now possess within, and after already facing death head on and giving him the finger, do you really think all of your prior fears, doubts, limited beliefs and concerns can prevent you from continuing to live a life that you choose to live? A life of freedom?

None of us truly know when our time will come to leave this world. With only this life to live, we must stop playing it safe, seeking comfort and running away from our fears.

When we learn to push ourselves past our comfort zone, we become who we deep down have always wanted to and were meant to be.

There’s no better time than the present to take control of the steering wheel and navigate ourselves towards living the life we’ve always dreamed of living.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

The Road Less Traveled Book Summary/Notes

Discipline – a system of techniques of dealing constructively with the pain of problem solving (instead of avoiding that pain) in such a way that all of life’s problems can be solved.

-delaying gratification – dealing with the pain first so that you can enjoy the pleasure later.

-your upbringing/childhood and how your parents raise you is immensely important and helps shape you for your life.

Time- if you take the time, you can accomplish many things that may currently be viewed as limited beliefs.

Problems – do not avoid them, they do not go away. You must work through them so that they do not remain as a barrier to growth. Even though they are painful in the moment they won’t be once they are resolved. IF you allow them to persist, the pain will be much more intense and last longer in the future.

-beliefs and revising – need to be open minded and flexible, and constantly tweak our views of the world.

-self examination – the life of wisdom must be a life of contemplation combined with action. We must not just examine life but examine the examiner simultaneously.

-truth – in order to seek truth, we must have the discipline to revise our views and overcome pain. Truth must be more important to our self interest than our comfort. Personal discomfort is unimportant and should be welcomed in the search for truth. We must be dedicated to true reality at all costs to sharpen our mental health.

-self-discipline – complete honesty takes less energy than lying. It enables you to be totally free and open.

-healthiness of depression – the process of unconsciously or consciously the feeling of giving up something of the self that is loved or familiar is depression.

The feeling of depression is a signal that major change is required for successful adaptation. Most people aren’t ready or willing to accept or recognize this.

Balancing – being able to discipline your discipline

Bracketing – subtype of balancing, the act of balancing the need for stability and assertion of the self with the need for new knowledge and greater understanding by temporarily giving up one’s self to make room for the incorporation of new material into the self.

Mature awareness is possible only when biases and prejudices are put to the side. It involves a double movement of attention: both silencing the familiar and welcoming the strange. Bracketing the preconceived world to allow the strangeness into the perceptual world. The ego must be neutralized/eliminated.

In order to grow and travel further through the journey of life, one must have multiple deaths (giving up familiar views and things) and rebirths (retaining of new information and views). One must learn to endure and accept both pleasure and pain.

For to exercise power is to make decisions and the process of making decisions with total awareness is often infinitely more painful than making decisions with limited awareness.

Love – the will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing ones own or another’s spiritual growth.

As we extend our limits (through effort), we grow into a larger state of being. This act of loving is an act of self evolution even when the purpose of It is for someone else’s growth.

Love is not effortless, it’s effortful.

“Real” Love occurs when the feeling of love lacks, and when one acts lovingly despite the fact that they don’t feel loving. This is a permanently self enlarging experience.

Falling in love is a temporary and partial collapse of one’s ego boundaries. It is sexually instinctual/rooted/stimulated (a deeply genetic and natural experience which serves to increase sexual pairing/bonding so as to enhance the survival of the species).

This happens outside of one’s control, effortlessly. This is not an experience that facilitates growth.

Children – by giving them undivided attention (total focus on them without doing anything else), they will feel valued/valuable. The more valuable they feel, the more things of value they will say..they will rise to your expectation of them.

Listen to them enough and you’ll realize how extraordinary they are, leading to you willing to listen more and learning more from them.

The more you know about them, the more you’ll be able to teach them.

The more you listen to them, the more value they feel, the more willing they will be to listen to you and learn from you.

Growth and religion

-our understanding and view/outlook on life is our religion, and everyone has one.

-the path to holiness lies through questioning everything.

Evolution of consciousness

-everything, all knowledge, is within our subconscious. It is when we become more aware that we discover this knowledge consciously.

-our unconscious mind is god. God is within us.

-those who have attained spiritual growth are aware that their unusual wisdom has its origin in their unconscious. That their knowledge flow to them through this connection.

What to say when you talk to yourself Book Summary/Notes

Our thoughts and beliefs have been hard wired into us from a very young age.

The brain believes what we tell It most. And what we tell It about ourselves, It will create.

How successful you will be at anything is tied directly to the words and beliefs about yourself that you have stored in your subconscious mind. And what is stored there was decided for us by someone else.

Growing up we are told No and what we cannot do more than 148,000 times, while being told yes and what we can do very few times in comparison.

77% of everything we think is negative, counterproductive and works against us.

75% of all illnesses are self induced.

Our mental programming is majority fucked up.

Neuroplasticity – the ability to rewire the brain throughout our lifetime and ability to strengthen and weaken synapses, and create new ones – can help us make vital changes in the programming we accept from others, and what we say when we talk to ourselves.

There are three essential ingredients in order to making lasting and permanent positive changes in our lives.

1 – the concept has to become physically wired into the brain
2 – understanding how the brain gets wired and the role we play in the wiring process
3 – a new word for word set of directions, new programming to both your conscious and subconscious minds. Specific “programming vocabulary” worded in a certain way that can be used at any time to replace old negative programming with positive and productive new directions.

The only solution that includes all three of the essential ingredients that create lasting change in the brain is “self talk”.

To make long lasting change we must begin by fixing our old programming ways, the years of conditioning that keeps us doing things the old way.

Self talk – the practice of consciously and actively rewiring the brain with a more successful and new picture of oneself.

“Whatever you put in your mind, in one way or another, is what you’ll get back out, in one way or another.”

Repeated messages that we hear are wired into our subconscious mind. If allowed, which typically happens without our awareness, these affect, direct and control everything about us.

Every thought that we have is always tied to something else that we already know about.

Even new thoughts are instantly tied/compared to something else in the mind to connect the new information to so that we understand It.

The more we believe something, the more we accept other similar ideas about It.

“The more you think about yourself in a certain way, the more you will think about yourself in that same certain way. The more you think about anything in a certain way, the more you will believe that that is how it really is. The mind works that way because the brain always tries to tie any new thing you think to something you already believe.”

“The longer you have bought the thought, the “truer” It is.”

“Everything you tell yourself about yourself becomes a directive to your subconscious mind, and anytime you make a statement about yourself that is negative, you’re directing your subconscious mind to make you become the person you just described, negatively.”

“The human brain will do anything possible you tell it to do if you tell it often enough and strong enough. If you tell It the wrong thing about yourself that is what it will accept and act upon.”

“Our internal programming mechanism treats anything we tell it with equal indifference.”

“What we put into our brains is what we will get back out.”

“The subconscious mind is a sponge; It will believe anything you tell It – It will even believe a lie – if you tell It often enough and strongly enough. That part of the brain makes no moral judgments; it simply accepts what you tell it.”

The self management sequence

The five steps that control our success or failure

1- behavior/actions

If you do right, you’ll progress, and vice versa.

Why we find it difficult and don’t do things we know we should is because of our feelings, which influence and control all of our actions.

2- feelings

Actions are first filtered through our feelings, which determines or affects what we do and how well we do It.

Regardless if the feelings are rational, they control and influence the actions we take. If they’re positive and productive, your action will follow.

Feelings are created, controlled and influenced by your attitudes.

3- attitudes

Positive perspectives allow you to see opportunities ahead and set our sights to reach them. In order to process the kinds of feelings which work for us we have to have the right attitude to start with.

Attitudes are created by our beliefs.

4- beliefs

What we believe about anything will determine our attitudes about It, create our feelings, direction our actions and helps us succeed or fail.

Our belief about anything is so powerful that it can even make something appear to be something different than what it really is. It does not require that something be the way we see it to be, only that we believe that it is.

“Belief does not require something to be true. It only requires us to believe that it’s true.”

They’re created by our programming.

5- programming

What we have accepted from the outside world and have fed to ourselves has tested a cause and effect chain reaction sequence which cannot fail to lead us to what we program/believe.

Programming creates beliefs.
Beliefs create attitudes.
Attitudes create feelings.
Feelings determine actions.
Actions create results.

In order to change your results you must change your programming.

“Self talk is a way to override our past negative programming by erasing or replacing it with conscious and positive new directions. Self talk is a practical way to live our lives by active intent rather than by passive acceptance.”

It offers a way to stop being a product of conditioned response, but governed instead by personal choice.

5 levels of self talk

Level 1 self talk (most harmful self talk)
The level of negative acceptance (I cant…)

Saying something bad about yourself and accepting It. The most frequently used self talk of all, the backbone of everything that works against us and stands in our way.

Doubts, fears, misgivings and hesitations are all programmed when we use this verbiage.

Level 2 self talk
The level of recognition and need to change (I need to..I should..)

Recognition of a problem, but creates no solution.

Level 3 self talk
The level of decision to change (I never..I no longer..)

Works for you instead of against you. When you make the decision to do something about it, stating the decision in present tense as though it’s already taken place.

“I no longer put off doing anything I want to get done.”
“I never get upset in traffic.”

Automatically rephrasing old negative cannots in a new positive way that tells the subconscious mind to wake up and make the change.

Level 4 self talk
The level of the better you (I am)

Most effective self talk (stated in present tense), what is needed most.

It’s positive, inspiring and encouraging. It excites and pushes us forward.

“I am a winner. I believe in myself. I have determination, drive and self belief. I am living the life I choose, and I choose what’s right.”

Level 5 self talk
The level of universal affirmation (It is..)

“People who typically think positively actually grow more neurons in the left pre-frontal cortex of the brain. This area of the brain is in part responsible for our ability to seek alternative solutions to problems, deal with challenges and maintain an even balance. The research shows that the value of a can-do spirit of positive thinking has had its core and important basis lender on structure of the brain itself.”

External motivation is temporary. When you rely on others to motivate you, once you lose that person the motivation goes away with them.

This is because we still have our old programming in the back of our minds, in our subconscious just waiting to turn things back to our old normal way of living.

The brain cannot store motivation.

We can decide for ourselves what should motivate us, versus having someone else decide for us.

The right self talk creates internal motivation that can help us stay motivated. You must practice to become your own motivator.

“Self help permanently rewires neural pathways in the brain through the use of conscious repetition.”

“With self talk, you’re in control, and instead of temporarily overriding programs, you’re actually rewiring neural networks to create long-term changes to the structure of your brain itself.”

In order for any self improvement concept to work, It must be easy.

We are constantly fighting against our time, energy and mind. When strategies are time consuming and difficult, our programming pushes them off to the side for the majority of us.

Five different techniques for using self talk

1- silent self talk

More awareness than effort.

Anything you think about yourself or anything else around you. Level 1 (I can’t) and level 2 (I should, I need to) shifting to level 3 (I never, I no longer) and level 4 (I am).

Subtle shift of no longer viewing from a negative lense to a positive and productive one.

Most of what we call problems are really only perceived as problems, The way you look at each of them determines whether they really are or not, you need only tell yourself to see them in a better way.

Don’t let your old programming talk you out of this as it’s just an old and negative habit that can be combated.

How we feel is mental and chemical it is physiological, if we tell ourselves that we feel energetic or enthusiastic when we are really tired at some point of this repetition we will convince ourselves that it’s true.

2- self speak

Anything you say out loud. Makes up an important part of the pictures and directions we feed to our subconscious.

What you say is a determining factor in whether you win or lose in life. The better your self speak (positive attitude regardless of any circumstances) the better off you’ll be.

“Listen to everything you say when you speak. Do your words paint a picture for your own subconscious mind you want it to be seeing? If not, change the words. Rephrase them.”

3- Self conversation

Holding both sides of a conversation with yourself, out loud.

In the morning tell yourself how great this day is going to be, hold a convo about It and how you feel about It. What you can achieve versus what you cannot.

By speaking out loud you force yourself to put thoughts into words and allows you to ask yourself questions and get straightforward answers. Surprisingly we are very factual in our responses and help us stop kissing ourselves.

4- self write

Self talk written word for word for yourself.

“It focuses your attention makes you think and gets you actively involved in the process of erasing the old negative programming and actively participating in the process of replacing old with the new. That kind of focus and involvement fine-tunes your initiative and adds energy to your determination.

5- recorded self-talk

Listening to positive self talk (podcasts, interviews, videos, etc), even while doing something else or not always agreeing with It can help rewire your brain, as your subconscious begins to program the positive new info regardless if you are consciously thinking about It or not.

3 step process for getting started

Monitor – mindfulness through meditation, being aware of being aware.

In order to change our self talk dialogue we have to start by being aware of what It currently is. As we make it a habit to monitor and observe our daily thoughts (the words we see out load, as well as what we tell ourselves in silence), we can see what’s positively and negatively impacting our lives. This can then help us with determining what we must change.

We are aware of less than 10% of all the self talk going on in our brains.

Edit – as we become more mindful we must eliminate any negative self talk that may hinder us. The moment we notice it happening, we have to edit it immediately and rephrase It in a positive light.

“When you hear yourself say something like “I’ve really got a problem with this…” turn It around and say “I can handle this. I’m a capable person and I handle problems well.”

By turning our negativity that we think and say into positivity, we are sending messages to our subconscious mind and through repetition they begin to physically program into our brain!

Do not underestimate this. Our subconscious has capabilities beyond the limits of our understanding. Self talk can vastly improve every facet of your life for the better, it’s just a matter of wiring it into your mind so that It then works automatically like a habit.

Listen – by listening to self talk phrases, and specially worded self talk recordings (even just in the background for a few minutes per day without any conscious effort), your subconscious automatically will rewire your brains programing.

“The key is repetition. The more often the same messages are repeated, the stronger the brain wires them in.”

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Book Summary/Notes

Law of pure potentiality

In our essential state we are pure consciousness, a field of all possibilities and infinite creativity.

Also called the law of unity because life is the unity of one all pervasive spirit.

The experience of the self referral means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, not the objects of our experience.

Object referral means being influenced by objects outside of the self including situations, circumstances, people and things where we are constantly seeking the approval of others. Our thinking and behaviors are always in anticipation of a response. It is therefore fear-based.

It is ran by your ego, always seeking approval and to control life.

The self is free of these things, immune to criticism, unfearful of any challenge and feels beneath no one, humble, superior to no one, because everyone is the same self and spirit in disguises.

To access the law of potentiality you must take breaks to be silent. To meditate, to simply be, to not be on digital media.

Stillness is the first requirement for manifesting your desires, as it lies your connection to the field of pure potentiality that can orchestrate an infinity of details for you.

Only in stillness can you throw a stone (your intention) into the sea of the mind and watch It ripple across the underlying ground of universal consciousness, which connects everything with everything else.

If your mind is turbulent It wouldn’t matter your intentions, they won’t be made aware or manifested.

Another way to access pure potentiality is through practice of non judgement. When you judge you constantly evaluate as right wrong good or bad, label, analyze, etc creating internal turbulence.

This turbulence constricts the flow of energy between you and the field of pure potentiality, squeezing the gap between thoughts and your connection to infinite creativity.

The gap is your connection to the field of pure potentiality, it is a state of pure awareness, that silent space between thoughts, that inner stillness that connects you to true power.

“Today I shall judge nothing that occurs.”

By spending time in nature you gain the sense of unity with all of life. connecting with nature’s intelligence gives you access to pure potentiality.

Law of giving

Everything in life is dynamic and in a constant exchange of giving and receiving, this is how the universes energy flows as well as through us.

When we give unconditionally, the energy behind It increases many times over.

What you want you can receive if you practice doing it for others. If you want joy, love, appreciation, then give It to others and you’ll receive It back.

Give that which you seek!

Always give to people that you encounter, It doesn’t have to be material. It can be a compliment, a silent prayer, showing care, affection, love. Or It can be a flower or a note. As you give, the more confidence you’ll gain in the miraculous effects of the law, leading to receiving more and ability to give more.

Law of karma

Action and the consequence of the action, cause and effect. What you sow is what you reap.

Maximize karmic law by becoming consciously aware of the choices we make in every moment.

We make many choices unconsciously based on our conditioning. We’ve created automatic and predictable reflexes (behaviors) that are triggered by people and circumstances.

We can learn to control these, they are still choices!

Ask yourself “what are the consequences of this choice that I making?”

And “will this choice that I’m making now bring happiness to me and to those around me?”

Spontaneous right action – taking the appropriate action at the right moment that nourishes you and everyone else influenced by the action.

Our hearts can help guide us in our decision making. When you put your focus towards it, It always gives you the right response.

“At times it may not even seem rational but the heart has a computing ability that is far more accurate and far more precise than anything within the limits of rational thought.”

Law of least effort

Based on the fact that nature’s intelligence functions with effortless ease and abandoned carefreeness. No resistance.

When motivated by love, least effort is expended and your energy multiples.

Focusing on your ego, seeking power and control over others or seeking approval from others wastes your energy.

Focusing on your spirit where you’re immune to criticism and unfearful of any challenge, you can harness the power of love and use energy creatively.

Three components to law of least effort

Acceptance – understanding and accepting the present moment and anything that happens in It as is, not as I wish they were.

Responsibility – ability to have a creative response to present situations as they are. To take the moment and transform It to a better situation or thing. Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. Not blaming anyone or anything for my situation (including myself).

Defenselessness – relinquishing the need to convince or persuade others of your point of view. Remaining open to all points of view and not being rigidly attached to any one of them. Gaining access to tons of energy as a result.

Law of intention and desire

Everything is energy and information.

Humans are capable of being consciously aware of this through the nervous system. We can change the energy and information of our own body, and influence our environment to cause things to manifest in it.

Two qualities inherent in consciousness are attention and intention.

Attention energizes, intention transforms.

Whatever you put your attention on will grow stronger in your life. Intention triggers transformation of energy and information, organizing its own fulfillment.

With enough intent, you can command and fulfill your dreams and desires.

Intent is desire without attachment to the outcome.

Desire alone is weak because in most people it’s attention with attachment.

Relinquish your attachment to the outcome/a specific result and live in the wisdom of uncertainty. Enjoy every moment in the journey of life, even if you don’t know the outcome.

Law of detachment

In order to acquire anything in the physical universe you have to relinquish your attachment to It (not your intention or desire to create It).

It’s the unquestioning belief in the power of your true self.

Attachment is based on fear and insecurity.

The source of wealth, of abundance or of anything in the physical world is the self; it is the consciousness that knows how to fill every need.

Everything else (cars, houses, etc) are symbols, which always come and go. Chasing symbols is like settling for the map instead of the territory, it creates anxiety and makes you feel empty inside because you exchange your self for the symbols of your self.

Detachment provides the freedom to create.

Without It we are prisoners to mediocre existence and poverty consciousness (helpless, mundane needs, trivial concerns, seriousness).

In order to have what you want, to have the freedom to create, you must be grounded in the wisdom of uncertainty. This is true wealth consciousness.

Chasing security is a waste of time, it’s an illusion when it’s tied to money.

The search for security and certainty is an attachment to the known, which is our past conditioning.

Uncertainty is the fertile ground of pure creativity and freedom, stepping into the unknown which is the field of all possibilities, always open to the creation of new manifestations.

Without uncertainty and the unknown life is just a stale repetition of outworn memories. You become the victim of the past and your tormentor today is your self left over from yesterday.

Every single problem that you have in your life is the seed of an opportunity for some greater benefit.

Having a goal is good, but allowing uncertainty to play its role enables you access to all possibilities and infinite choices.

Law of dharma (purpose in life)

Deepak told his children from age 4 to never worry about making a living or focusing on doing well in school. He told them to focus on asking themselves how they can serve humanity and what their unique talents are, because they have a unique talent that no one else has and they have a special way of expressing that talent that no one else can.

Three components

1 – Each of us is here to discover our true self, that we are spiritual beings that have taken manifestation in physical form. There is a god in embryo inside of us waiting to be born to express our divinity.

We are not human beings that have occasional spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings that have occasional human experiences.

2 – express our unique talents. We all have unique talents, or a unique expression of those talents. Something that when you do It you lose track of time, go into timeless awareness.

3 – service to humanity. Ask yourself how can I help all those that I came into contact with? How can I serve?

If money was no concern and I had all the time and money in the world what would I do?

How am I best suited to serve humanity?

The Four Agreements Book Summary/Notes

All of our beliefs and rules stem from a system that we never chose.

This domestication process takes place as soon as we are born until we no longer need the guidance from our parents to further confirm our book of law/beliefs.

Even when we know certain parts of it are wrong, they feel safe and we hold on to them, which is why it’s so difficult to make meaningful changes.

We are the only species that pays a thousand times for the same mistake. True justice is paying only once for each mistake, yet due to our memory we constantly remember and overthink and punish ourselves.

Outside and inside world is ruled by fear due to our book of law of beliefs.

We all search for truth because we only believe in the lies we have stored in our mind.

Truth is within us. Our beliefs cloud our vision of seeing the truth.

It’s like a fog, the Toltecs call It mitote, where the fog is so big that we cant see what we really are. In India they call it maya, meaning illusion.

Our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive and to express what we really are. We’ve learned to Live our lives trying to satisfy other peoples demands. We have learned to live by other people‘s points of view because of the fear of not being accepted and not being good enough for someone else.

During the process of domestication we form an image of what perfection is in order to try to be good enough, creating an image of how we should be in order to be accepted by everybody.

We don’t fit this image because it’s not real, leading us to rejecting ourselves. We wear social masks to keep others from noticing this.

We punish ourselves endlessly for not being what we believe we should be, all from this flawed belief system.

The more self love you have the less you will abuse yourself.

All of our views and beliefs are agreements that we’ve made with ourself. To live a life of joy and fulfillment you must find the courage to break the agreements that are fear based so you can claim your personal power.

All of our agreements rule our life and build our personality.

By eliminating them, we spend less time and energy focusing on them, leaving us with more time and energy for changing our ways for positive outcome.

1st agreement

Be impeccable with your word

Words are everything

You express your creative power, and manifest everything through It

Dreams, feelings and who you are

You have the ability to use It for good and to help yourself and others, or use It destructively. Your level of self love is directly proportionate to the quality and integrity of your word.

Whenever we hear an opinion and believe it we make an agreement and it becomes part of our belief system.

Gossiping is black magic, poison, a way for us to feel better by seeing someone else feel as badly as we do.

Impeccability of the word can lead you to personal freedom success and abundance, It can take away all fear and transform it into joy and love.

By controlling our emotions, we can gain the necessary personal power essential to change our fear based agreements.

2nd agreement

Don’t take anything personally

Personal importance, taking things personally, is the maximum expression of selfishness because we make the assumption that everything is about me. During the period of our education or our domestication we learn to take everything personally we think we are responsible for everything.

Nothing other people do is because of you. It’s because of themselves. All people live in their own dream in their own mind, they are in a completely different world from the one we live in.

When we take something personally we make the assumption that they know what is in our world and we try to impose our world on there’s.

Even when a situation seems so personal even if others insult you directly it has nothing to do with you. What they say what they do and the opinions they give are according to the agreements they have in their own minds. Their point of view comes from all the programming they received during domestication.

Everyone has their own opinion according to their belief system so nothing they think about you is really about you, it is about them.

You can completely avoid negative emotions by making It a strong habit to not take anything personally.

As you make a habit of not taking anything personally, you won’t need to place your trust in what others do or say. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices.

You are never responsible for the actions of others, you are only responsible for you. When you truly understand this and refuse to take things personally, you can hardly be hurt by the careless comments or actions of others.

3rd agreement

Don’t make assumptions

When we make assumptions, we believe they are the truth.

This leads to misunderstanding and taking things personal, as we defend our assumptions and try to make others wrong.

It is always better to ask questions then to make an assumption because assumptions set us up for suffering.

We only see what we want to see and hear what we want to hear, we don’t perceive things the way they are.

Because we don’t understand something we make an assumption about the meaning and when the truth comes out we find out it was not what we thought it was at all.

The mind constantly seeks to justify everything regardless if the answer is correct, which is why we make assumptions.

Keep yourself from making assumptions by asking questions and keeping communication clear so that you do not need to assume anything because you would then know the truth. Even then don’t assume you know all there is to know about a given situation.

4th agreement

Always do your best

By not trying to do more (depleting energy) or less (resulting in frustration) than your best, you reach a happy medium that can help you from judging yourself.

Your best will change over time and based on the situations and environments that you’re in.

By doing your best, you live intensely. You’re productive, good to yourself and helpful to others. Doing your best is taking the action because you love It, not because you’re expecting a reward.

Most of us do the opposite, resulting in not doing our best.

If you take action without expecting a reward, they will come naturally and in much more abundance than you would’ve imagined.

By taking action you express yourself.

By living in the present and letting go of the past or thoughts of the future, you can be fully alive in the moment.

Letting go of the past means you can enjoy the dream that is happening right now.

Living in the past means always wishing things to be different, living half alive and leading to suffering and self pity.

The first three agreements will only work if you do your best, you cant expect to always be impeccable with your word not take anything personally or never make another assumption, but you can always try your best.

If you do your best always over and over again you will become a master of transformation. Practice makes the master. By doing your best you become a master.

Three masteries to become a Toltec

Mastery of awareness

Aware of who you really are, with all the possibilities.

Mastery of transformation

How to change and be free of domestication.

Mastery of intent/love

What makes transformation of energy possible. It is life itself, unconditional love.

Art of transformation – develop awareness of all the self limiting fear based beliefs that make you unhappy. Changing them and reprogramming your mind by exploring and adopting alternative beliefs.

We are addicted to our ways and beliefs. But just as we built them over years of repetition, we can break them and replace them with new agreements.

Initiation of the dead

By being aware that life isn’t guaranteed and that we only have this present moment, we can discover and realize that it’s a waste of time to worry about what others think and to not be happy and do what we enjoy.

Earl Nightingale: Lead the Field Book Summary/Notes

-humans are born with the god-like power to determine their path in life.

-its all about your attitude to guarantee success in life.

-we can control our attitude, and what we present to others is reflected back by them.

-our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude toward us, cause and effect. It must start first with us, not others.

-we get back what we put out.

-our surroundings will always reflect us. Our environment is a mirror of ourselves, our attitude and expectations.

-great attitude = great results, it’s like a magnet. Self generating due-fulfilling prophecy.

-human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes and mind.

-Those who are successful expect more good than bad out of life. They expect to succeed more often than they fail, and they do.

-we must be the epitome of and radiate success before we can become successful.

-before you can do something, you need to be something. Act as the person you wish to become.

-treat each person you come in contact with as the most important person on earth.

-don’t allow others negative attitudes to affect you, as they are infectious. Forgive and forget it, rise above it. Life is too short!

-success is the natural progression/realization towards a worthy ideal or goal.

-We are happiest when we are fully engaged in the work we enjoy on the journey towards the goal we establish for ourselves.

-One thing a goal must do is fill us with positive emotion when we think about It. It must be something we want very much to bring about. The more intensely we feel about a goal the more assurity the idea buried deep in our subconscious will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.

-you get rich by enriching others.

-the journey of obtaining a goal is when we are most happy, not when we actually obtain it.

-you become what you think about.

-you can control your thoughts and what you think about by setting a specific goal to focus on. Look at It often and by doing so you’ll send It to your subconscious mind, you’ll begin to visualize yourself already having attained It, turning It into a habit for when you accomplish it move on to the next goal.

-spend an hour each week day writing down your goal and then writing down ideas/ways to achieve or improve what you’re doing to attain it.

-don’t spend time worrying about needless things. Only 8% of your worries are genuine, solve the ones you can.

-we underestimate our abilities, we need to dig deep enough to tap into its potential.

-our rewards in life will match our service. That which you sow so shall you reap. Provide value and you’ll attain all of your goals.

-Integrity to the truth and reasonableness is the key. Least to regret who does most for his community who’s judgement carries the most weight and is most trusted.

-happiness is a by product of performing healthful and successful activities.

-successful people follow independent paths. At some point in their lives they break away from the crowd and start a path of their own. They join a much smaller group of likeminded people, the 5%.

-it’s easier to win in life than to lose or to be average, it’s just a matter of dismantling limited beliefs and discovering your potential that every human has and is capable of tapping into.

-the amount of money we receive will always be in direct ratio with the demand for what we do, our ability to do It and the difficulty of replacing us.

-it’s not your present circumstances which count but the circumstances you make up your mind to achieve that is important. The only limit on your income is you.

-nothing on earth can stand in the way of a plan, backed by persistence and determination.

-figure out each day how to bring more service to the table so that you can reach your financial goals. Have faith in yourself and the quiet firm inner knowledge that you can and will accomplish your goals. Know that the answers you seek will come to you in their own time if you only keep looking for them.

-money is an effect, the cause is valuable service. It cannot be sought directly, it’s a servant/tool, keep It in its place.

-it’s good to check and ensure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.

-a mind stretched by a new idea can never return to its original dimensions.

-write down the top 6 most important things you need to get done, prioritize them in order of most importance. Focus on the first one and only that one until It is completed, and then move on to the next one.

-focus on making this specific day a success, then the next day repeat the same process. We become successful by being a success each and every day.

Blaze your own Trail: Start taking Action and you’ll get what you Deserve

The famous motivational speaker and author Jim Rohn once said,

“Life doesn’t respond to what we need, life responds to what we deserve…it doesn’t say if you need a harvest you get one, it says, if you plant in the spring then you’ll get harvest in the fall…reaping and harvesting belong to planters, not to those in need”

What’s stopping you from starting to take action today, to begin planting seeds, so that you ultimately end up getting what you deserve in life?

Around the time I had graduated college back in 2012, I came across a Facebook ad for a fantasy sports company (this was when I was still working on building out my own fantasy sports application).

I decided to click the ad and fill out the survey to see what insights it could give me.

Without much thought, yet due to that simple action, I had planted one of the most important seeds of my life.

Someone reached back out and told me that the company was tied to and ran by a much larger and well known company.

Long story short, they ended up hiring me to help them with their beta version/launch (although I was working on my own application at the time, I was fresh out of college and needed income! I’m pretty sure I also disclosed that I was working on being somewhat of a competitor of theirs).

I was put in touch with the product manager who was my main point of contact, and during those few months of working together he encouraged me to start reading books.

This was the first time I picked up a book to read for pleasure.

He recommended me to start with Phil Jackson’s newest book Eleven Rings and I absolutely loved it!

Circling back to the fantasy sports ad that at the time seemed meaningless, that action enabled me to plant a seed that has blossomed into a beautiful tree.

Since then, I’ve been an insatiable reader. The knowledge and wisdom gained from reading books has truly helped me grow in every aspect of my life for the better.

It’s allowed many of my unconscious dreams come to fruition…all from that Facebook ad.

(Months later, I would go on and perform another small action that would put me at the start of a path towards everything that I would end up accomplishing in my professional/business life to date).

There’s a verse in the bible that says,

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

The point I’m trying to make here (if you haven’t gotten it yet!) is that if you keep knocking, you WILL find open doors.

Even in the smallest actions that may seem irrelevant and unimportant at the time, opportunity always lays. 

It’s time to say F the BS and start blazing your own trail!

“Those who will not read are no better off than those who cannot read.” – Jim Rohn

How Your Self Image is Destroying Your Potential in Life

When most people think about their greatest ambitions in life, they typically pair it with a laundry list of excuses on why they cannot achieve it right this moment.

Whether it be due to not having enough money, or time, or because everybody and everything is simply unfair to them, all of these excuses have compiled and compounded over your life as a result of the experiences that you’ve encountered.

Yet, you know very well of others out there who are wildly successful, who have attained tremendous heights and have made incredible impacts on the lives of millions of others. You tell yourself, they’re lucky, they had money to start, or any and every other excuse that you can think of to make yourself feel better.

But is this the truth?

If you had the money or the time, would you really be able to succeed at the same level as these others?  

Per the book Psycho Cybernetics, all of your behaviors are consistent with the self image that you’ve subconsciously given yourself.

In other words, you are limited in life to the self image that’s been created over time through your life experiences.

If you believe this planet hates you, then that’s the reality you live in, and your actions and emotions reflect that world. Deep within without even controlling it, you constantly seek to validate and reinforce this belief, ultimately leading to a low self image value.

What you need to know is that this low self image is DESTROYING your potential in life.

It’s the main reason and driving force behind why you haven’t taken the leap into the amazing unknown that’s filled with infinite possibilities and opportunities that can lead to you living a life filled with meaning and purpose.

It’s literally impossible for you to go after and achieve your goals without first increasing your self image.

It’s time to say F the BS!

Now that you know…

  • that your self image value is in the shitter (sorry, but it’s the truth)
  • that if you want to make a serious move in life for the better you must increase its value

you can begin focusing your awareness towards what will actually move the needle, which is eliminating your current “false” beliefs.

Think about your past experiences.

What stands out the most when you go as far back as you can remember.

Whether it be a bully during your school days that made you feel inferior to speak up to others, or a teacher or parent that drilled into your head that you will never be able to achieve a certain goal leading to you shooting for something less desirable, these past stories have deeply affected your mindset (and honestly, it’s not your fault so don’t be hard on yourself).  

What you need to understand is that these are nothing more than stories, mental barriers that have been blocking you from making positive improvements and changes in your life.

You can break down these walls and change your wiring of beliefs.

You can tell yourself right in this very moment that these past experiences are no longer going to affect your behaviors and decisions that you make moving forward, that they are false beliefs that have manifested into a reality that you do not want to live in anymore.

It is completely in your power to be like the many others who are living and breathing with a self image value that is so high, that they are able to inspire the world and obtain their aspirations regardless of any past circumstances.

The decision is in your hands, in this moment, right now.

“Never measure your self-worth by what other people think you should have become.” -Anonymous

It’s Time to Stop Making Excuses and Start Excelling

What’s stopping you right now from going after your lifelong passion?

If your circumstances were just right, would you be able to pursue your destiny?

If you answered yes to the second question, than you’re fooling yourself.

The fact of the matter is, your current conditions do not shape or determine your future.

The key element that enables you to stop making excuses and to start excelling are your decisions.

I recently finished reading Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within, which is an absolutely incredible and life changing book.

Tony talks about the force behind every decision that we make deriving from either avoiding pain or gaining pleasure.

So let’s be brutally honest for a moment.

The reason you don’t do the truly important things in your life (like living it up to its fullest and ensuring you succeed at achieving your dreams) is because you subconsciously convince yourself that by taking any type of action towards these goals (where you may have to confront your fears) you’d be putting yourself in more pain than just putting it off for another time, if ever at all.

Tony states that “we all do more to avoid pain than we do to gain pleasure”.

The issue with this concept is that the perceived “pain” that we do link to going after our greatest ambitions are a big fat lie.

It’s fake, make believe, not fucking real or true.

Instead of just saying fuck it like you may have when you were a child without thinking about any consequences, we allow our minds to take control and persuade us into thinking a million different negative reasons why we shouldn’t take the leap.

We tell ourselves that it’ll be too hard, or that we will fail, look stupid and lose the confidence that we do have.

But all of these excuses can cease to exist.

It’s possible to change these linking patterns that we we’ve unknowingly built up over our lives.

It’s time to say F the BS.

Below is an exercise that I learned from Awaken the Giant Within that you can perform on yourself. In the example below, I’ve used my own situation to help guide you.

Do this and you’ll discover the power of your decisions and how you can learn to link more pain to NOT pursuing your goals and more pleasure to going after them!

What is your ultimate passion in life?

Writing and publishing a book which can help make a meaningful impact for others and allow me to contribute more to society.

What actions have you been putting off from achieving this goal?

I’ve gotten to the point where I need to begin editing the book, and since I’m not an editor I’ve been delaying the process of getting started.

In addition, I know that I can improve the context within a few chapters, but now my mind has started thinking about the idea of the book not being as good as other books that I’ve read. It’s making me second guess the entire idea of writing.  

What pain have you linked to taking this action?

I’m linking the possibility of the book not being written as well as I know that it can be. 

Write down the pleasure you’ve had in the past by indulging in this negative pattern.

I’m able to push it to the side and not think about it all the time, which leads to less stress and worry.

I’m able to concentrate on other important parts of my life, which leads to improvement in other facets.

I’m able to convince myself that when I’m ready I’ll get to it, which leads to me feeling content.

Write down what it will cost you if you don’t change now.

If I don’t change now…

I may lose my flow and never finish writing or publishing the book.

I may fail at achieving my ultimate passion.

Hows does that make you feel?

It makes me feel like my roadblocks aren’t as extreme in the big picture, that not attaining my goal would feel much worse, and that I should focus on completing the essential tasks that I need to in order to go after my passion.

Write down all the pleasure you’ll receive by taking each of these actions right now. Envision all the positive impacts both in the present and in the long term.

By editing my book and improving the certain chapters that need to be bolstered, I’ll be able to take one step closer to successfully publishing my book. It’ll give me back the momentum that I felt when I was writing the book originally.

In doing so, it will allow me to then promote the book and help make a positive impact on all of the others that read it.

Even more so, by spreading the word about my book via podcasts, videos, content, social media, etc, I will be able to not only learn the process of marketing a book, but also educate people on different aspects of my central messages (without them necessarily reading the book) that will lead to making an impact in their lives.

Considering the book will be available to purchase for years to come, there’s no telling the number of lives it can impact. Also, it can give me the confidence I need to go after writing a second or even third book. This could lead to building new relationships, going further out of my comfort zone, trying out new things (like public speaking and becoming a coach/offering lessons), growing as a person, contributing more and ultimately gaining way more pleasure in my life.

“It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.” —Tony Robbins”

How Traveling the World Can Help you Succeed in Life

About 100 years ago, commercial airplanes were first introduced (although they were much smaller and slower than today’s planes and highly uncomfortable).

Over the decades, it’s become easier and cheaper to fly than ever before.

If you told someone a century ago that they could hop on a plane from the US and be in Europe within 8 hours or less for a couple hundred bucks, they’d call you crazy.

But crazy back then is what’s normal now.

It’s fascinating and something that all of us should take advantage of, especially considering how cheap flights can be!

So how exactly can traveling help you succeed in life?

Getting out of your comfort zone

By traveling you can take a dive into the unknown, aka get the fuck out of your comfort zone.

In many aspects of our lives, we LOVE to remain in our element where we know exactly what’s going to happen and when. Where we are in as much control as we possibly can convince ourselves that we are in.

By exploring new frontiers, you put yourself completely out of your zone of comfort and into the depths of who really knows?!?!

In doing so, you can come to the realization that your worst case scenarios aren’t always as bad and exaggerated as you make them out to be in your head.

You can use these experiences as a reference for situations in your life when you are stuck or difficult decisions have to be made. When you remember that taking a leap of faith into new adventures could be positively impactful, it could make your circumstances much easier to see through.

Experiencing new cultures

When you branch out and expand your horizons, you get to discover new worlds that you would’ve never realized existed previously.

There are so many unique places in the world (almost 200 countries!) and with that comes a plethora of different cultures to experience. From the food, clothing, art, architecture and language, to rituals and ways of living that are truly a sight to see.

When we visit other places, we instinctively compare and contrast them to what we have and how we live. We begin to recognize the tiny details when we interact with natives to the countries we visit and how they go about living their lives.

You cannot put a price tag on these experiences, the new perspectives that you gain and the lifetime of memories that are created from them.

Cultivating gratitude for your life

After traveling and returning back to your normal life, you begin to realize how grateful you are for the small things.

For having warm water to shower in, air conditioning, a car, clean streets, minimal crime, ability to pursue goals, etc.

When you physically witness the way others live in different countries, you discover just how much opportunity you truly have at your fingertips.

It enables you to think from a bigger picture and understand that you really have the chance to make your life any way you envision it being.

The more you travel the more you begin to level up and go deeper into what life is all about, which is growing your gratitude, gaining new experiences, learning from them and incorporating them into making your life as fulfilling as it can be!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer” – Unknown