You always own the option of having no opinion

Throughout a typical day there are countless events that unfold all on their own.

It’s inevitable that some of them are going to stir up emotions that we may not even realize have risen until it’s too late and we’re fully engulfed by the feeling.


For some of us this random occurrence could have a strong impact on the rest of our day, how we feel, think and act towards ourselves and others.

It’s easy to tell someone to just shrug it off when it’s not happening to you, but what do you do when it actually happens to yourself?


Marcus Aurelius said something nearly 2,000 years ago that is just as insightful today as it was back then, he said, “You always own the option of having no opinion.”

Someone may have said something unkind about you behind your back, a group of friends may be discussing a sensitive topic that has brought about a heated debate in the past, a driver may cut you off and almost make you get in an accident, the list goes on and on and on.

But what do all of these situations have in common, outside of being normal circumstances that nearly everyone deals with every so often?


They’re all out of your control.


You have no control over what others say about you, if friends want to talk about certain things or if someone wants to speed and drive recklessly. 


All of these scenarios rightfully evoke emotion, but are they worthy of it? Especially if it’s going to disrupt your tranquility and bring negativity to the rest of your day?

The next time a similar event occurs, bring to mind the insightful seed of wisdom that you have the power to choose not to have an opinion about what’s happening or has happened.

The situation itself does not have the ability to shape your decision about it, that is completely in your authority. You are the maker of your judgments, not the other way around. 


When you’re able to harness this concept and implement it into your life you’ll unlock access to a sense of freedom and peace that transcends the ebb and flow of everyday events that typically would jerk you and your emotions around like a puppet.  


Make the decision to not have any input on what happens next and see for yourself.


“You always own the option of having no opinion. Things you can’t control are not asking to be judged by you. Leave them alone.