Remember that Nothing is Missing

In a podcast interview a few years ago, entrepreneur and modern day philosopher Naval Ravikant said something profound that has stuck with me ever since.

He said, “Happiness is really a default state. Happiness is there when you remove the sense of something missing in your life.”

We live in a society where social status and financial wealth dominate the majority of our thoughts.


We focus on achieving the next goal and attaining more possessions in hopes that they will bring us a new level of satisfaction that we currently believe we lack.

So much time is spent thinking about and putting into action what will help us get to the next step that the things we already have are put on the backburner.

Unfortunately this process is backwards in discovering happiness. 


It’s by spending time appreciating what we already have that joy can be felt and endured, not by accomplishments that typically bring a spark of excitement along with a fleeting sense of relief.

Just for a brief second, try to eliminate the feeling that something is missing in your life.

Right at this precise moment are you capable of feeling happy?

Can you steer your mind away from all of the lack, what you miss or regret and find within you an unadulterated sense of contentment? 

Think about all that you already have in your life that brings you an abundance of joy and imagine if your life was completely consumed by just this.

Practice this once or twice a day for a few moments by reminding yourself that nothing is missing.

This concept will help you feel happiness in the present moment, despite what is happening in your life at any given time.

Like a muscle, it takes consistent effort to strengthen your ability to do it with ease, but once you’re able to make a habit out of the practice you’ll develop a sense of joy that transcends achievements and circumstances.

“Desire is a contract that you make with yourself to be unhappy until you get what you want.” – Naval Ravikant