Is this of value?

One of my favorite quotes of all time by Marcus Aurelius is: 

“Look inward. Don’t let the true nature or value of anything elude you.”

In everything that we do, we’d be best served to heed to this sage advice.

How often during your waking hours do you unconsciously repeat the same handful of thoughts in your head that lead to feelings of stress and anxiety?

And on the flipside, how often are you fully enveloped and aware during the moments that you spend with your loved ones and while doing things that bring you joy? 

Unfortunately we spend way too much time in a thought loop that yields negative emotions and not enough time in the present, which is the path to bringing us the deepest sense of satisfaction.

One method that can be used to snap out of these negative self talk patterns as well as help us become more mindful during the precious moments in our lives is by asking yourself a simple question:

Is this of value?

Is this thought that came out of nowhere worth disrupting how I’m going to feel for the rest of the day, hour or even the next minute?

What is the true nature of this thought anyway?

It’s nothing more than an impression that has entered my consciousness. And just like the plethora of other thoughts that come and go throughout each day, I have the power to choose not to feed it more fuel through my attention.

If I don’t identify with it or accept it as truth, it will weaken in moments and the next batch of impressions will arise.

The same goes for vital moments in our lives. We’d do ourselves a major blessing if we could bring this question to mind as often as possible, especially when spending time with family or friends:

Is this of value?

We may be distracted by something that happened earlier that we keep replaying in our head, or consumed by our phones and the endless list of chores that have yet to be completed, but asking yourself this question allows us to snap out of our daydream and back into the present:

What is the true value of this situation right here and now?

What is this small amount of time that I get to spend with my loved ones worth?

These moments are arguably more important than almost anything else that life has to offer, so why not make it a priority to learn how to focus on them with intensity while they’re occurring so that you can develop a deeper sense of appreciation for them?

A primary objective in all of our lives must be to constantly analyze our state of mind, thoughts and emotions and relentlessly work to eliminate the trivial while enhancing what’s valuable. 

Just imagine the impact that could have in your life.

In everything that you do, think and say, question its true nature and value.

“By seeing things for what they are, I can use them for what they’re worth. Remember that nature has planted this power in you.” – Marcus Aurelius