Moments for the last time

Take yourself back to a memory from years ago, something you cherished, that now looking back was the last time (or one of the last times) you had the pleasure to do it unbeknownst to you. 

We all have certain experiences for the final time. It could be spending a specific holiday with family before you moved away, a recent routine with a loved one that for whatever reason stopped or a childhood tradition with your parents or siblings that you simply grew out of as you got older. 

The sad part about these moments is that most of the time we don’t know when it’ll be the final opportunity we get to experience them. 

One day they are just gone forever. 

But imagine being able to go back to a “last time memory” and relive it with the knowledge that this was the final time. 

Think about the presence you’d have during those precious seconds and how unimportant life’s plethora of petty distractions would be. 

Try to envision the abundance of appreciation you’d feel for this invaluable time being spent, knowing you’re making the absolute most of this final moment. 

There’s nothing stopping you from applying this last time concept into your life. 

It’s a certainty that many more moments will be the final one that you get to enjoy doing something, regardless of how big or small it may be.

Make sure you have the mindfulness to remind yourself throughout your day that any experience could be the last one and let that increase your capacity to savor and be thankful for them with all of your heart. 

Below is a poem I wrote that relates to the topic.

You gotta appreciate,

You cannot wait.

Cause you never know,

When it’ll be your time to go.

You gotta learn to love,

Just look at the stars above,

There’s a reason we’re all here.

The time will come,

As you grow old,

When it’ll be the last one,

Yet you’ll have a fulfilled soul.

Because you learned how

To be thankful for the now.