The Psychology of Mans Possible Evolution Book Summary/Notes

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Man is a machine, brought into motion by external influences and impacts.

Man doesn’t “do” everything simply “happens”.

Man doesn’t know himself, not even in the smallest things.

Pretty much without awareness of ourselves we are all just sims characters and don’t know our ass from our elbow.

Psychology has two definitions.

1 – the study of the possible evolution of man, what he may become.

2 – self-study, study of oneself.

The highest moments of consciousness create memory.

It’s possible to become conscious continuously with the right practice (developing awareness/self remembering) and help (guidance from others who have achieved it).

Four states of consciousness (living only in the first two)

Waking state
Self consciousness (objective of the self, knowing the full truth about ourselves)
Objective consciousness (knowing full truth about everything, studying things in themselves and the world as it is).

Seven functions of the human machine

Thinking (intellect)
Feeling (emotions)
Instinctive function (inner work done without you)
Moving functioning (outer work you need to learn)
Higher emotional function (can only appear in higher states of consciousness during “self consciousness” state.
Higher mental function (only in objective consciousness state).

When in waking state, sleep/dream state is still functioning and influences everything. We live more in dreams than in fact. We do not know that we live in sleep, do everything in sleep and are asleep.

Harmful features in man that we must observe and recognize

Lying – speaking about things one doesn’t know and even cannot know, as though one knows and can know.

Imagination – constant thoughts/distractions taking one away from consciousness

Expression of Negative emotions – from bad temper, weakness, incapacity to keep grievances to himself. Must be resisted so you can observe.

Talking – if you talk too much to others or yourself, you can’t observe.

To overcome these we must overcome two things.

Identification – identifying with everything we believe in and associate with ourselves. We must separate ourselves from ideas, feelings or objects that absorb us. Remove identifying with from the equation and you can begin to see the world for how it really is.

Considering – identifying with people. Focusing efforts on what other people think about us. Must eliminate.

Man lives under two kinds of influences.

The first consists of interest and attractions created by life itself such as interest of ones healthy, safety, wealth, pleasure, security, pride, etc.

The second consists of ideas not created in life but are taught and learned via schooling, through philosophy, science, religion, art, etc.

Four Centers in the body

Intellectual – mind/brain/head – slowest
Instinctive/moving – spinal cord – 30,000 times faster than intellectual
Emotional – solar plexus – 30,000 times faster than instinctive/moving

Within these centers are 3 sub centers, intellectual, emotional and mechanical (includes instinctive/moving).

This gives instinctive/moving and emotional centers longer time to do their jobs, as their time is operated differently from how we measure our ordinary time. Our quick reactions and processes in the body may take a second in our time, but on instinctive time it is up to eight hours.

Our time isn’t the only time which exists. A kind of cosmic process almost like light years speed.

Negative emotions arise from imagination and identification. They bring no value and do not help us advance our growth. We invent them.

“Man must sacrifice his suffering.”

Begin to remember yourself. We can not control when we are conscious but we can wire our minds/thoughts to focus on and bring about consciousness by directing it to what they’d experience during being conscious. Be more aware of yourself.

“In order to understand a thing, you must see its connection with some bigger subject, or bigger whole, and the possible consequences of this connection. Understanding is always the understanding of a smaller problem in relation to a bigger problem.”

Observing attention and trying to control it through will and effort is when we are working in the intellectual parts of centers.

Intellectual part of the emotional center is the chief seat of the magnetic center and is a way to higher centers when fully developed. It includes artistic creation.

Intellectual part of the instinctive center is the mind behind all the work of the organism and one can come into contact with it through the state of self consciousness.

In order to do so one must consistently practice self remembering/awareness of ones self and sustain it long enough to feel and understand the different functions belonging to different parts of different centers.

In order to see the parts of centers, one must practice attention, which requires efficient ability to practice self remembering.

Awareness leads to being able to focus attention on what you’re becoming aware of.

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

Zero BS on taking Control of your Life. No spam.