The Power of Now Book Summary/Notes

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CH. 1

Recognize that you are separate from your thoughts and begin to watch/observe them without identifying with or judging them, leading to a higher level of consciousness activating.

Witness the thoughts, detach from “being” them.

As you do so you become aware of the thought as well as yourself watching the thought, “watching the thinker”.

Thoughts lose power when you don’t “energize the mind through identification with it”, leading to realizing their fleetingness.

The subtle pauses/gaps in between thoughts, “no mind” is when peace/stillness can be noticed and felt. (become more aware of these moments). Over time they will last longer and deepen, “no end to its depth.”

Outside of meditation a good way to create a gap in the mind stream is by becoming intensely conscious of the present moment, paying attention to all the sense perceptions. By doing so, take notice and become more aware of the sense of being and presence/peace within.

-Dis-identify with the mind and its thoughts

-Each recognition of a gap through mediation and awareness of the now makes your consciousness stronger.

CH. 2

Must observe our emotions, as when in conflict with a thought, our emotions speak truth. Let them just be as they rise, don’t analyze, just watch.

Ask yourself: What’s going on inside me at this moment?

The more present and watchful we are of our emotions, the less powerful they will be.

Accept the now for what it is, as if you had chosen it. Realize that it’s all you have and try to stay conscious of the present as often as possible. Make the now your dwelling place versus always dwelling on the past or future.

Pain and negativity can only survive if you unconsciously identify with it. Use your awareness to recognize it as it arises, feel its “energy field within you”, pay attention to it and the identification will break.

When I get frustrated or impatient, notice the sensations, my breathing, etc. Snap out of it by telling myself that this isn’t me, I don’t have to identify with this. Accept and witness the energy of the pain-body as a silent observer/watcher but don’t “be” it.

“Don’t let the feeling turn into thinking” – don’t justify it, just let it be.

When your thinking is aligned with pain-body, you’re identified with it and feeding it via your thoughts.

“Don’t make an identify for yourself out of it.”

Be aware of yourself being aware of what’s happening inside you.

“An emotion is the body’s reaction to your mind.”

Fear and anxiety derive from what “might” happen in the future. We can focus on the present but when we let our thoughts run free into the future of what may be, an “anxiety gap” is created.

Focus on living what can be lived!

CH. 3

We unconsciously identify with the mind and its thoughts, emotions, reactions. Our “ego”.

When you recognize it, you can step out of it and into the present and just allow all to be.

Must practice withdrawing attention from past and future when not needed. Observe the habit of escaping from the now. 

“The moment you realize you are not present, you are present.”

Watch your thoughts, feel the emotions, observe the reactions.

“Identification with the mind gives it more energy, observation of the mind withdraws energy from it.”

When we excessively focus on goals or desires we prevent ourselves from living in a joyful state where we can see and appreciate life, we are distracted and only using the present as a stepping stone where it loses its intrinsic value.

CH. 6

We must focus on the feelings of our inner body as often as possible, this is the key to remaining conscious and grounded in the now, a permanent state of connectedness.

We can do whatever task is at hand, but always try to stay rooted within and feel the inner body.

In situations that would normally annoy or frustrate you, shift focus to feel the inner body and live in the present, feeling the stillness and peace.

When challenges arise, we must immediately go within and focus on our inner body or else emotional impulses will overtake us.

If we can do this, we will find stillness and presence and determine the best route forward without a clouded, emotional and reactive mind.

If our emotions slip in, pause, observe them, feel them, fully accept them as is, be aware of them as much as possible and then focus back into the inner body energy field.


Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

Zero BS on taking Control of your Life. No spam.

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