Third Circle Theory Pejman Ghadimi – Book Summary/Notes

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Three circles/potential stages in one’s life

First circle (most people live their entire life in this circle. Low self value) 

-birth – limited to your parents views, thoughts and beliefs.

-settler – complacent, limited, not on an ideal frequency level. 

-dreamer – mid life crisis, trying to catch up due to questions past decisions made. Seeks instant gratification for growth. Bitter and envious of others progress and success. 

They have the ability to change, as there’s so much information out there, but they are too set in their ways. 

Second circle (20% progress to this stage. Introduced to new views that defy your beliefs and behaviors, empower you to Increase awareness if you’re open to It).

-the awakening – exposure to new views. Enables you to gain confidence to pursue interests and not just being limited to what you’re told. 

-the leader – feeling of leading and informing others about the negatives and lies in the world. Others are drawn to your character which amplifies your abilities. 

-the achiever – money is the main motive here. Ability to manipulate others. If you cannot graduate from this stage you won’t be able to define your existence or purpose. 

Third circle (2% graduate to this stage. They have learned their purpose and how to remove themselves from the equation of life. When you choose to not make it about you anymore, you establish a true vision of what the world can be.)

-the vision – see deeper than most, and visualize your view of a better world where you are not the center of It. Enables you to apply importance to your projects regardless of size. Because you see further than most, You don’t fear bringing It to life of the hard work ahead. Once you see this way you can never see any other way again. Your projects become your desires and main priorities and leads to defining your purpose. 

-the purpose – your belief in something greater than yourself, where you allow your mind and emotions to remove themselves from the equation. Money no longer matters and decisions are made for the common good of the vision rather than your desires needs and wants. High levels of energy reveal themselves and allow no obstacles but rather serve up challenges that always have answers and are quickly overcome. The world doesn’t revolve around you but rather in front of you. Fulfillment is felt. 

-the rebirth – mind frees itself of unknown and focuses on the vision. Rebirth is achieved when vision is recognized by all not just those around you. Purpose is define, game of life is mastered. 

Awareness of the theory now allows your subconscious to seek signs to validate it. 

Environment – drive, confidence, that I was the best from my dad. Optimism, affectionate, kindness from my mom. 

As we grow up we learn more by actions than by what is said to us. We look to emulate these actions and turn them into our behaviors. 

Emotional intelligence is essential to taking control of life and your reactions to life. Awareness that your emotions are your weakness will enable you to overcome them. 

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

Zero BS on taking Control of your Life. No spam.