Building the Confidence to take on any Obstacle

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

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Some people are naturally born with it, while others go through years or decades (sometimes even a lifetime) of internal battles to overcome and gain the courage needed to pursue a dream.

Before you can become persistent and learn to be able to withstand the volatility of obstacles, as well as emotions, that are most certainly sprinkled throughout the path to achieving your goal, you must first build and acquire the confidence necessary to get started.

How does one grow in confidence? 

It’s wise to start by focusing on what you know you’re already good at and excel in. The small wins that can slowly compound and gain steam from performing tasks that you already have confidence in is essential.

From here, it’s crucial to request or organically receive constructive criticism.

This feedback needs to be taken without the presence of emotions or judgement. At first it may be difficult, but you must remember what we’ve learned previously in regards to anger and insults. If the person is someone you trust and respect, or you see that they are simply providing their opinion from their own point of view, you should accept it for what it is.

Do NOT become too hard on yourself at this time.

On the other hand, implementing the worthwhile aspects of outside input will help in continuing to add up your small victories to the point that you feel bold enough to take the next steps.

At this stage, you should be in a happy environment where you’re working on and vastly improving already positive attributes.

It is extremely important that you use the power of your mind and awareness to not allow negative external factors from derailing your self-esteem (confidence and self-esteem are not the same thing).

You’ve decided on your own to take control and go after your aspirations. The amount of self-esteem and self-worth required to take these steps are immense, and you are filled with it.

Do NOT succumb to pondering or, even worse, believing in what others might be thinking and feeling about you and what you’re doing.

I cannot express enough how imperative it is to not allow these people (family and friends in particular, most of the time) to fill your head with negativity. This will certainly lower your self-esteem levels and prevent you from continuing on your course.

You must guard and defend (as soldiers would for their country) yourself from the pessimism that will absolutely approach and knock on the front door of your mind.

Just remember that you are the sum of the five people you are closest with. If one or two of your confidants isn’t positively impacting your life in a way that you’re truly benefiting from, then it’s time to cut them out of the picture.

People like this typically feed off of others failures, and are deep down envious and jealous of those around them, especially those that they feel inferior to.

Guard against negativity at all costs.

Once you can master these barriers, you’ve finally built the confidence to take anything head on.

You’re mentally prepared to go after your lifelong passions with enough tenacity, persistence and enthusiasm that NOTHING can get in your way and stop you.

A short story to wrap things up….

A tired bird landed on a branch. The bird rested, enjoying the view from the branch and the protection it offered from dangerous animals. Just as the bird became used to the branch and
the support and safety it offered, a strong wind started blowing, and the tree swayed with such intensity that it seemed the branch would snap in half.

But the bird was not worried for it knew two important truths. The first truth – even without the branch it was able to fly, and thus remain safe through the power of its own two wings. The second truth – it also knew that there are many other branches upon which it can temporarily rest.

Achieve Limitless Success, Happiness and Gratitude

Zero BS on taking Control of your Life. No spam.