Profiting from the Present

Imagine that your life was like a business, where all of your thoughts, feelings and actions determined how healthy and thriving your company was. 

Based on your current lifestyle, would your business be a Fortune 500 company or one on the verge of bankruptcy?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. 

How often do you find yourself thinking positively and constructively, feeling motivated, grateful, fulfilled, at peace and in a joyful state, while taking appropriate action to reinforce those thoughts and feelings? 

On the flip side, how often do you think and feel stressed, anxious, angry and resentful? 

If you’re leaning more towards the latter than the former, a quality question to start asking yourself often is: 

How can I profit from this moment?

Are you profiting in the present and gaining from it or are you being taxed by it and losing?  

The present is literally all we have. The past is over and the future is uncertain. 

We must build and reinforce the habit of making the most out of our time here on earth

When spending time with family and friends, we have to appreciate these moments and extract maximum value from them with the understanding that they will not last forever.

When we find ourselves in tough situations, or forced to do things that we may not enjoy doing, instead of making matters worse by allowing our mind to wander and unconsciously accepting all our thoughts as truth, we have to take what we’re being given in the moment and use it to our advantage so that we can learn and grow from the experience. 

Our existence is ephemeral. 

It’s certain that it won’t last forever. 

Life isn’t easy. Difficulties and heartache will arise, but suffering is optional.

Every time you can remember, be sure to ask yourself how you can profit from each moment in your life while you still can. 

Make it your top priority that despite life’s circumstances, you will strive to cash in and live in a beautiful and prosperous state.

Start with this very moment. 

“Worrying does not take away tomorrow’s troubles. It takes away today’s peace.” Unknown